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If you would like to interact with videos (like, comment, download...), subscribe to channels, create playlists or play videos, then all you have to do is <strong>create an account on the PeerTube instance of your choice.</strong>
PeerTube instances
1. Find the instance that suits you best 一、尋找最適合您的實例
By <strong>filtering according to your profile</strong> (video maker or viewer), <strong>topics</strong> that you are looking for or <strong>languages</strong> you speak, <strong>find an instance whose rules match your needs!</strong>
2. Create your account and enjoy PeerTube 二、建立您的帳號並開始享用 PeerTube
A username, an email, a password and you can already <strong>enjoy all the features of PeerTube!</strong> 只要一個用戶名、一個電子信箱和一個密碼,您就能夠<strong>享受 PeerTube 的所有功能!</strong>
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2020 roadmap 目標
<a href="" target="_blank"> Read the blog post for more information </a>
Let's pave the way to PeerTube live streaming in v3!
Support the development of PeerTube! 支援 PeerTube 的開發!
Donate, share: we will need all the help we can get to complete this roadmap. 捐款、分享:我們需要所有可能的幫助來達成目標。
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contributors 貢獻者
Step 1
(June) (六月)
Search through the fediverse
Ability to create search indexes
Instance broadcast messages
WIP to improve UX/UI
A roadmap in 4 steps 達標四步驟
Step 2
Moderation 教育
(July) (七月)


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