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V4 is here!
PeerTube V4 with channel customization, playlists search, custom instance homepage and more video filters is out!
PeerTube, a free software to take back control of your videos 讓您拿回影片主導權的自由軟體
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Free software to take back control of your videos 讓您拿回影片主導權的自由軟體
Search for PeerTube videos, channels and playlists 探索 PeerTube 實例
PeerTube, developed by Framasoft, is the free and decentralized alternative to video platforms, providing you over %{ videos } videos published by %{ users } users and viewed over %{ views } million times
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What is 什麼是
PeerTube aspires to be a <strong>decentralized and free/libre alternative</strong> to video broadcasting services.


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