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V4 is here!
PeerTube V4 with channel customization, playlists search, custom instance homepage and more video filters is out!
PeerTube, a free software to take back control of your videos 讓您拿回影片主導權的自由軟體
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Free software to take back control of your videos 讓您拿回影片主導權的自由軟體
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PeerTube, developed by Framasoft, is the free and decentralized alternative to video platforms, providing you over %{ videos } videos published by %{ users } users and viewed over %{ views } million times
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What is 什麼是
PeerTube aspires to be a <strong>decentralized and free/libre alternative</strong> to video broadcasting services.
Our aim is not to replace them, but rather to simultaneously offer something else, with different values.
A federation of interconnected hosting services 一個由相互連接的服務提供者所組成的聯邦
PeerTube is not meant to become a huge platform that would centralize videos from all around the world.
Rather, it is <strong>a network of inter-connected small videos hosters</strong>.
Anyone with a modicum of technical skills can host a PeerTube server, aka an instance. Each instance hosts its users and their videos. In this way, <strong>every instance is created, moderated and maintained independently by various administrators.</strong>
Discover PeerTube instances 探索 PeerTube 實例
You can still watch from your account videos hosted by other instances though if the administrator of your instance had previously connected it with other instances.
This is just how a <strong>federation</strong> works!


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