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Let's pave the way to PeerTube live streaming in v3!
Support the development of PeerTube!
Donate, share: we will need all the help we can get to complete this roadmap.
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contributors Поддержавшие деньгами
Step 1
(June) (Июнь)
Search through the fediverse
Ability to create search indexes
Instance broadcast messages Языки серверов - видеохостеров
WIP to improve UX/UI
A roadmap in 4 steps
Step 2
Moderation Обучающие
(July) (Июль)
From June to November 2020, Framasoft will develop new features and improvements for PeerTube. We have broken down this roadmap into 4 main steps, each with its own schedule and cost, leading to the addition of peer-to-peer powered live streaming to PeerTube v3.
Feedback on reports
Making moderation easier Обучающие
Sharing blocklists (spam)
These developments are funded by donations made to our small nonprofit organization: Framasoft. We will be raising funds progressively over the next six months of development, so that you can help us in our efforts.
Step 3
(Aug. - Sept.) (Авг. - Сент.)
Online playlists sharing Плагины
Plugins (annotations, etc)
Promoting plugins
Step 4
(Oct. - Nov.) (Окт. - Ноя.)
Peer-to-peer (30s - 1min lag) О пиринговом вещании и просмотре
No chat, no gifs, no ❤️ 👍
Post-live publishing


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