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Thanks to our crowdfunfing contributors, PeerTube V3 with live streaming support, global search, playlists embed and more moderation tools is out!
2020 roadmap Quadro de referência de 2020
<a href="" target="_blank"> Read the blog post for more information </a>
Let's pave the way to PeerTube live streaming in v3!
Support the development of PeerTube! Apoiar o desenvolvimento do PeerTube!
Donate, share: we will need all the help we can get to complete this roadmap.
raised in %{ days } day arrecado em %{ days } dia
contributors doadores
Step 1 Passo 1
(June) (Junho)
Search through the fediverse Busque através do fediverso
Ability to create search indexes Capacidade de criar índices de busca
Instance broadcast messages Mensagens de transmissão da instância
WIP to improve UX/UI WIP para aprimomar o UX/UI
A roadmap in 4 steps Um quadro de referência em 4 passos
Step 2 Passo 2
Moderation Moderação
(July) (Julho)
From June to November 2020, Framasoft will develop new features and improvements for PeerTube. We have broken down this roadmap into 4 main steps, each with its own schedule and cost, leading to the addition of peer-to-peer powered live streaming to PeerTube v3.
Feedback on reports Feedback sobre informes
Making moderation easier Facilitando a moderação
Sharing blocklists (spam) Compartilhar listas negras / listas bloqueadas (spam)


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