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PeerTube, a free software to take back control of your videos 동영상에 대한 주도권을 도로 가지게 도와줄 자유 소프트웨어
Free software to take back control of your videos 동영상에 대한 주도권을 도로 가지게 도와줄 자유 소프트웨어
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PeerTube, developed by Framasoft, is the free and decentralized alternative to video platforms, providing you over %{ videos } videos published by %{ users } users and viewed over %{ views } million times
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What is
? ?
PeerTube aspires to be a <strong>decentralized and free/libre alternative</strong> to video broadcasting services.
Our aim is not to replace them, but rather to simultaneously offer something else, with different values. 대체하는 것이 아니고, 다른 가치를 가진 다른 것을 동시에 제공하고자 하는 것이 목적입니다.
A federation of interconnected hosting services 상호 연결된 호스팅하는 서비스 간의 연방
PeerTube is not meant to become a huge platform that would centralize videos from all around the world.
Rather, it is <strong>a network of inter-connected small videos hosters</strong>.


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