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English (United States) Japanese
Last name
e.g. Lovelace e.g. Lovelace
First name
an individual
e.g. Ada e.g.Ada
Legal entity
e.g. Free Software Foundation e.g.Free Software Foundation
a company
Address 住所1
e.g. 12, Freedom Street e.g.12, Freedom Street
Address line 2 住所2
e.g. Building VI e.g.Building VI
Postal/Zip code 郵便番号
e.g. 42100 e.g.42100
e.g. Saint-Etienne e.g.Saint-Etienne
This field must be filled in. この項目は必ず入力してください。
You must enter a valid email address. 有効なメールアドレスを入力する必要があります。
In France, thanks to the %{ percent } tax deduction, your donation of %{ amount } will cost you %{ defisc }.
Credit card クレジットカード
Why progressive fundraising over 6 months?
At a time when no one knows what the future holds, we deem it inappropriate to start a crowdfunding campaign and threaten not to do our best on PeerTube if we don't get the necessary funds.
We believe in the public utility of PeerTube, so much so that we commit to working on it for six months to make this v3 happen, even if we must do it with our own funds (which <a href="">we had already done for v2</a>).
We still hope that by sharing this roadmap as widely as possible, some of you will support us in our approach with a donation that will allow us to fund this project.
Global search グローバル検索
Learn more on さらに詳しく
Moderation tools モデレーションツール
Plugins & Playlists プラグインとプレイリスト
Live streaming ライブ配信


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English (United States) Japanese
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