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By the way, if you have created a plugin for PeerTube, feel free to tell us about it <a href="" target="_blank">on our contributions forum</a>: we are in the process of making a selection to highlight it on
Recognised as being of general interest, over 95% of our association's budget comes from donations made by people who support and trust us.
Learn more about Framasoft
Caroline Chuong (<a target="_blank" href="">@Pandoraa</a>), consultant at <a target="_blank" href="">Octo Technology</a> has proposed several contributions to improve PeerTube accessibility. These contributions are essential to bring PeerTube's interfaces accessible to everyone. And as we are aware not being accessibility experts, we are really delighted that contributors give us a hand on this aspect. A big thank to Caroline for her contributions.
Guest designer
Throughout this development period we will be improving the user experience and interface of PeerTube to provide more clarity and power at every level of use.
Concretely here, it means that:
« Independent designer, UX researcher who seeks to acquire a thorough and deep understanding of uses and design user-friendly, ethical and inclusive tools. »
Our content selection
Our contents selection
Our plugin selection
Our plugins selection
Does PeerTube ensure federation compatibility with previous versions?
Does PeerTube offer moderation tools?
choosing an interface theme,
Does PeerTube support horizontal scaling?
How do I install PeerTube?
Creation and content
How do I report PeerTube content?
comments moderation;
How does PeerTube count views?
I don't like the name "PeerTube"
I have found a security vulnerability in PeerTube. Where and how should I report it?
If it's free, can we upload illegal stuff on PeerTube?
Is "PeerTube" a registered trademark?
I can't find my instance on Sepia Search or and I can't add it: why?
Is PeerTube a neutral software?
Is PeerTube's purpose to replace YouTube?
PeerTube does not contain all the tools I need to manage my instance
Coordination with, support and contributions to external developments (clients, plugin, etc.)
Is PeerTube GDPR compatible?
Should I have a big server to run PeerTube?
There are many bad/porn videos on PeerTube!
Copy and adapt <a target="_blank" href="">the code</a>, to make your own PeerTube search engine.
What are the PeerTube features for administrators?
What are the PeerTube features for content creators?
What are the PeerTube features for viewers?
What are the main advantages of PeerTube?
What is PeerTube's policy about content monetization?
What is PeerTube?
What are the PeerTube features for developers?


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