Key English Chinese (Traditional)
section->money Where is your money going to?
section->numbers @:txt.soft in a few numbers
section->questions Questions and contact
form->step1->title 1. I want to give to Framasoft
form->step1->monthly Every month
form->step1->oneshot Once
form->step1->other Other amount (e.g. {n})
form->step1->anonymous I want my donation to remain anonymous
form->step1->receipt I would like to receive a tax receipt
form->step2->title 2. I complete my information
form->step2->private Confidentiality
form->step2->private_tip This information is necessary for practical reasons and in order to issue
a tax receipt.

You should also know that you can check whether your donation has been
received. in the “[donor list](@:(link.soutenir)/en/stats)” page.

Of course, your firtname and lastname are anonymized.
form->step2->type I represent
form->step2->part an individual
form->step2->corp a company
form->step2->corp_tip Company, association, community…
form->step2->mecenat If you would like to become a sponsor of @:txt.soft and
[appear on this page](@:(link.soutenir)/sponsors),
[contact us](@:(
form->step2->society Legal entity
form->step2->society_ex e.g. Free Software Fondation
form->step2->society_email_ex e.g.
form->step2->nickname Nickname
form->step2->nickname_ex e.g. Lady AAL
form->step2->lastname Last name
form->step2->lastname_ex e.g. Lovelace
form->step2->firstname First name
form->step2->firstname_ex e.g. Ada
form->step2->email E-mail
form->step2->email_ex e.g.
form->step2->address1 Address
form->step2->address1_ex e.g. 12 rue de la liberté
form->step2->address2 Addition of address


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