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form->step3->modal_vir->no_sepa @:txt.soft does not offer a SEPA form for direct debits, but you can make a donation by bank transfer directly to us.<br /> So you decide the sum, the frequency and you can change it at any time.
form->step3->modal_vir->ref Also note this <b>payment reference</b> which must be added to the description of the transfer:
form->step3->modal_vir->to_bank Then discuss with your bank how to plan the transfer. Some banks can handle this online.
form->step3->modal_vir->to_finish To finalize your donation, please note our bank details:
form->step3->monthly monthly
form->step3->now now
form->step3->ok Ok, I get it.
form->step3->pp Paypal
form->step3->title 3. I access the payment
form->step3->vir Transfer
section->lead Because freedom doesn’t mean it’s free…
section->money Where is your money going to?
section->numbers @:txt.soft in a few numbers
section->questions Questions and contact
section->text Framasoft is a not-for-profit which can **only** keep running thanks to your donations. Do you like what we do? Do you think we’re going in the right direction? If so, and you’re able to make a donation, we’d very much appreciate it!
section->title Support Framasoft
section->why Why support @:txt.soft?
why->actions->list->[0] **Share in person**<br /> Your donations allow us to participate in nearly [one hundred events each year]( We bring physical tools (Metacards, guides [Résolu], Framabooks, Flyers) to better approach the digital world.
why->actions->list->[1] **Promoting popular education**<br /> Framasoft is committed to popularizing digital emancipation towards the by contributing to concrete tools made by and for a greater number of people, by contributing to concrete tools made by and for people involved in popular education. [[1](], [[2](], [[3](]
why->actions->list->[2] **Consolidate what serves you**<br /> The directory [@:txt.libre](@:link.libre), the publishing house [](, the [](, the [@:txt.dio](@:link.dio) services, the actions of [@:txt.cuo](@:link.cuo)... exist only thanks to your support. Bring them to life!
why->actions->list->[3] **Contribute to other communities**<br /> We want to put our tools at the service of people who work for a contribution company. Framasoft navigates in an archipelago of communities with similar values, and contributes to common actions in exchange and mutual aid.
why->actions->list->[4] **Maintain the technical tools**<br /> Framasoft is about fifty open source sites and services, deployed on about thirty servers. Our members ensure the maintenance, the support, the animation and the update. Your donations ensure that it is free of charge for everyone.
why->actions->list->[5] **Drawing a new digital horizon**<br /> The [MOOC CHATONS](, [PeerTube](@:link.joinpeertube), [Mobilizon](@:link.joinmobilizon)… Thanks to your donations, we design and produce user-friendly digital tools, that emancipate themselves from the laws of the economy of attention to better respect what connects us.
why->actions->title Thanks to your money…
why->maintitle Why support @:txt.soft?
why->money->intro Your donations ensure our independence ({percent}% of our income in {year}).

Because creating and maintaining ethical digital tools requires
time and human talent, the bulk of our time and talent is spent on the
budget is used to compensate (as fairly and equitably as possible)
our employees and service providers.

Each year, our accounts are audited and validated by a statutory auditor.
independent accounts (we publish [reports on this
why->money->list->[0] Employees:
why->money->list->[1] Servers and domains:
why->money->list->[2] Operating expanses:
why->money->list->[3] Events and meetings:


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