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accroche->[0] A network dedicated to globally promoting “*free*” and particularly *free software*.
accroche->[1] Many services and innovative projects freely put at the disposal of the general public.
accroche->[2] A [community](#topPgCommunaute) of volunteers supported by a public interest association.
accroche->[3] An invitation to build together a world of sharing and cooperation.
asso->desc A bit of cathedral
asso->text @:txt.soft is based on a law 1901 association (not-for-profit association of volunteers). Up to it to smooth out any rough edges and to ensure that the community can function in good conditions. There are @:people.employees permanent posts and it’s mostly financed by individual donations collected on Internet. You can be a member too, but careful, it is more a vocation than a sinecure!
asso->title An association
cloud->desc Code name: “”
cloud->text1 Intuitive, registration-free, and directly in your browser, it is a set of online free services and respectful of your personal data. These services are offered in the context of our campaign @:html.dio
cloud->text2 You can also install these on your own server, thus helping to decentralize Internet. Tutorials are availables in the section <a href="" lang="fr">Cultiver son jardin</a> (only in French at the moment) to help you to go for it.
cloud->title Free services?
communaute->desc A joyful mess
communaute->text Who is behind @:txt.soft? Everybody who took part in our projects at some point. It is enough to be eager to promote Open source and license your contribution as open source. It guarantees that it will be added to the commons without any risk of being seized.
communaute->title A community
culture->desc Ease by Internet and digitisation, “[free culture](@:link.wFreeCulture)” is a evolving culture inspired directly by free software in its spirit and licenses to promote and spread intellectuals works.
culture->quote “Because it will be one of the biggest missed opportunities of our era if the free software doesn’t free anything else than code.”
culture->text1 It explores various domains such as arts, education, sciences, hardware… These works can then be considered as [common goods](@:link.wCommons). The most illustrative example is the free encyclopedia Wikipedia.


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