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cloud->sites->link->what Sharing Megosztás
cloud->sites->link->title Short links Rövid hivatkozások
cloud->sites->link->desc With, you can shorten long URLs. On social networks or microblogging platforms, a shorter link saves space and is more clear.
cloud->sites->drive->what Store Tárolás
cloud->sites->drive->title Online storage Online tárhely
cloud->sites->drive->desc allows you to store your files online, synchronize them between your PCs, mobile devices… and share them with whoever you want.
cloud->sites->git->what Code Kódolás
cloud->sites->git->title Host free code
cloud->sites->git->desc @:txt.git is a tool for developers. It can host your open source software projects and allows users to work on it collaboratively.
cloud->sites->site->what Publish Közzététel
cloud->sites->site->title Website hosting Weblap-üzemeltetés
cloud->sites->site->desc allows you to easily create a website and to host it on our servers. There’s no advertising or tracking posing risk to privacy of your site’s visitors.
cloud->sites->wiki->what Publish Közzététel
cloud->sites->wiki->title Wiki hosting Wikiüzemeltetés
cloud->sites->wiki->desc allows you to easily create a wiki and to host it on our servers. There’s no advertising or tracking posing risk to privacy of your site’s visitors.
vrac->title Bulk free
vrac->desc Unclassifiable but not badly classified!
vrac->sites->colibri->what A forum
vrac->sites->colibri->title The @:txt.soft forum
vrac->sites->colibri->desc Do you have any questions? We (might) have an answer! “If you do not know, ask. If you know, share”. @:txt.colibri is a place where we can share information about Open source.
vrac->sites->evl->what A shop
vrac->sites->evl->title Our free little shop
vrac->sites->evl->desc The marketplace for physical @:txt.soft products: @:txt.key,, @:txt.dvd but also goodies and t-shirts.
vrac->sites->docs->what Documentations
vrac->sites->docs->title Our documentation center
vrac->sites->docs->desc To know everything on the use of the online services that we offer and to learn through our different guides how to gain in autonomie.
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