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cloud->sites->sphere->title The free social network الشبكة الاجتماعية الحرة
cloud->sites->sphere->what Networking
cloud->sites->talk->desc lets you chat with your friends without any need for complex software installation or registration. It all happens directly between you and your friends, from your web browser.
cloud->sites->talk->title Videoconference التحاضر عبر الفيديو
cloud->sites->talk->what Discussing
cloud->sites->team->desc is a free ** chat ** service which allows for team collaboration, notifications, conversations history and research.
cloud->sites->team->title Collaborative communication التواصل التعاوني
cloud->sites->team->what Discussing
cloud->sites->vox->desc @:txt.vox helps you to make group-based decisions. Start a discussion, share ideas, come to an agreement. Every decision has a clear deadline, so you can be sure to decide on time.
cloud->sites->vox->title Decide together اتخاذ القرار معًا
cloud->sites->vox->what Decide اتخاذ القرار
cloud->sites->wiki->desc allows you to easily create a wiki and to host it on our servers. There’s no advertising or tracking posing risk to privacy of your site’s visitors.
cloud->sites->wiki->title Wiki hosting استضافة الويكي
cloud->sites->wiki->what Publish النشر
cloud->title Free services خدمات حرة
communaute->desc Are you free tonight?
communaute->title Free community مجتمع حر
culture->desc Extending the scope of open source
culture->sites->blog->desc Weekly column on Libre and libre software. Debate, open comments, many translations and news announcements about all the activities of the @:txt.soft network.
culture->sites->blog->title News from “Libre”
culture->sites->blog->what Info أخبار
culture->sites->book->desc Our publishing house includes around twenty publications, covering free software, programming for beginners, thoughts on copyright but also comics and even novels. A free book provides the reader with the same freedoms as free software.
culture->sites->book->title Betting on free books رهان الكتاب الحر
culture->sites->book->what Some books بعض الكتب
culture->sites->games->desc is a compilation of free games, some of them online or on PC, tablet, which do not require any installation.
culture->sites->games->title Online or offline gaming
culture->sites->games->what Gaming ألعاب
culture->sites->lang->desc Translate together, mainly from English to French, with a sense of community and leveraging the power of the Internet and good will of its inhabitants. It can consist of articles, subtitles or even entire books!
culture->sites->lang->title Collaborative translation ترجمة تشاركية
culture->sites->lang->what Translations ترجمات


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