Key English Arabic
culture->sites->lang->title Collaborative translation ترجمة تشاركية
culture->sites->lang->desc Translate together, mainly from English to French, with a sense of community and leveraging the power of the Internet and good will of its inhabitants. It can consist of articles, subtitles or even entire books!
culture->sites->tube->what Videos فيديوهات
culture->sites->tube->title Our free « YouTube »
culture->sites->tube->desc Videos in French (or with French subtitles) about free software and Open source in general. Interviews, conferences, documentaries, tv broadcasts… to get informed but also to inform others.
culture->sites->games->what Gaming ألعاب
culture->sites->games->title Online or offline gaming
culture->sites->games->desc is a compilation of free games, some of them online or on PC, tablet, which do not require any installation.
culture->sites->minetest->what Gaming ألعاب
culture->sites->minetest->title Mining educational game
culture->sites->minetest->desc @:txt.minetest is a server for the Minetest game, a “sandbox game” in which you build and decompose blocks to modify it and with which you can build your own educational apps.
cloud->title Free services خدمات حرة
cloud->desc Free cloud computing? It is possible! سحابية معلوماتية حرة؟ ذلك ممكن!
cloud->sites->pad->what Edit تحرير
cloud->sites->pad->title Edit together تحرير تشاركي
cloud->sites->pad->desc Let’s all write together on the same document in a collaborative online editing interface. No registration required, pick a username, a color and let’s go!
cloud->sites->calc->what Calculate الحساب
cloud->sites->calc->title A collaborative spreadsheet
cloud->sites->calc->desc @:txt.calc is to spreadsheets what @:txt.pad is to text editing, working together on the same document in a simple and collaborative way.
cloud->sites->forms->what Ask questions
cloud->sites->forms->title Creation of questionnaires
cloud->sites->forms->desc @:txt.forms allows you to create the questionaires that you need, whether it’s in an education, family or community context. Create your questions based on your needs, using multiple choice or free text field forms.
cloud->sites->agenda->what Organise التنظيم
cloud->sites->agenda->title Shared agenda
cloud->sites->agenda->desc With @:txt.agenda you can create personal or professional calendas, the agenda for a hall or the activities of your organization, and share them freely. You remain master of your data, and you choose with whom, where and when they are shown.
cloud->sites->date->what Organize
cloud->sites->date->title Organize appointments and surveys
cloud->sites->date->desc is like Doodle, but free. Nothing is simpler than to create an appointment or a survey with registration and to invite your associates.
cloud->sites->board->what Organize
cloud->sites->board->title Manage projects إدارة المشاريع
cloud->sites->board->desc @:txt.board is a collaborative project and task manager, using the Kanban system. Its visual system makes it very easy to feel at home, whether you are used to this kind of tool or not.
Key English Arabic
cloud->sites->git->desc @:txt.git is a tool for developers. It can host your open source software projects and allows users to work on it collaboratively.
cloud->sites->git->title Host free code استضافة الشيفرة الحرة
cloud->sites->git->what Code
cloud->sites->link->desc With, you can shorten long URLs. On social networks or microblogging platforms, a shorter link saves space and is more clear.
cloud->sites->link->title Short links تصغير عنوانين الروابط
cloud->sites->link->what Sharing المشاركة
cloud->sites->listes->desc @:txt.listes allows you to create email lists: anyone subscribed to your list can receive the emails which are sent to the list, and participate in turn. It’s up to you to decide if this list is public, semi-private or private.
cloud->sites->listes->title Email lists
cloud->sites->listes->what Discussing
cloud->sites->mindmap->desc A fluid and intuitive interface to create mind maps easily from inside your browser. Particularly relevant for brainstorming or note taking.
cloud->sites->mindmap->title Create mind maps
cloud->sites->mindmap->what Structure
cloud->sites->notes->desc With @:txt.notes you can take and store notes, images, links… and even files; and synchronise them across all your devices (or share them with your friends).
cloud->sites->notes->title Note taking أخذ الملاحظات
cloud->sites->notes->what Note أخذ الملاحظات
cloud->sites->pad->desc Let’s all write together on the same document in a collaborative online editing interface. No registration required, pick a username, a color and let’s go!
cloud->sites->pad->title Edit together تحرير تشاركي
cloud->sites->pad->what Edit تحرير
cloud->sites->piaf->desc @:txt.piaf is a **microblogging** libre service, based on the decentralized Mastodon software. Find your friends on @:txt.piaf - or other instances Mastodon, GNU Social, Friendica - and exchange with them without being tracked.
cloud->sites->piaf->title Social network in 500 characters شبكة اجتماعية بـ 500 حرف
cloud->sites->piaf->what Networking
cloud->sites->site->desc allows you to easily create a website and to host it on our servers. There’s no advertising or tracking posing risk to privacy of your site’s visitors.
cloud->sites->site->title Website hosting استضافة المواقع
cloud->sites->site->what Publish النشر
cloud->sites->slides->desc @:txt.slides allows you to create directly on line a slideshow or a presentation, to view it with a simple internet connection, and to share it.
cloud->sites->slides->title Create and share slideshows
cloud->sites->slides->what Present الإستعراض
cloud->sites->sphere->desc @:txt.sphere is a free social network based on the decentralised Diaspora software. Find your friends on @:txt.sphere – or other Diaspora pods – and discuss with them without being tracked.
cloud->sites->sphere->title The free social network الشبكة الاجتماعية الحرة
cloud->sites->sphere->what Networking


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