Key English Catalan
hos->intro->expiration Duration of the pad
hos->intro->link Link to share
hos->intro->month one month
hos->intro->more Learn more about @:txt.pad
hos->intro->name Pad name
hos->intro->six-month 6 months
hos->intro->subtitle A collaborative real-time web-based editor
hos->intro->title @:txt.pad
hos->intro->week one week
hos->intro->year one year
hos->limit->btn-cgu Terms of Use
hos->limit->btn-moderation Moderation charter
hos->limit->desc ## Limitations

Public pads have a limited lifespan to avoid growing our databases
indefinitely.<br />
The expiry date is defined according to the date of **last modification**
of the pad.<br />
To keep your documents, consider using the {icon} Import/Export menu.

This service is offered subject to acceptance of our terms and conditions
and may be moderated according to our moderation policy.
hos->what->md A pad is an online collaborative text editor. The contributions of each user
are indicated by a colour code, appear on the screen in real time and are
recorded as they are typed.
<br />
Want a [demonstration]({link})?

## How does it work?

- Create a pad.
- Start to **write** your text
- and **invite** your collaborators.
- Each participant is distinguished by a **color**
- and can **chat** with the group.
- If necessary, restore an old version from **history**
- and when your work is done, **export** it.

## Private Pads

You have the possibility to create a password protected account and having
a space dedicated to the management of your pads and their access rights.
hos->what->title What is it?
meta->lead Collaborative Text Editor Col·laborar en línia mai no havia estat tan fàcil
page_info->add_yourself If you are **an organization** that has the resources to host such a service and would like to be added to it, you can contact us through [](
page_info->columns->chatons Type
page_info->columns->country Country
page_info->columns->title Instance name
page_info->columns->url URL
page_info->instance->type->chatons CHATONS
page_info->instance->type->other Other
page_info->intro Here is the list of instances to which you can be redirected by creating a pad from the Framapad home page.
page_info->intro_other We don’t know the people behind these instance, so we don’t redirect to those because we don’t know their privacy policy or their ability to handle many users, however we list them below.
page_info->title List of Etherpad instances
page_info->title_other List of {nbinstances} other instances
page_info->title_pool List of the {nbinstances} recommended instances
page_info->title_specific Specific instances


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