Key English Breton Actions
hos->header->signup Create an account
hos->intro->btn-create Create
hos->intro->btn-create-a-pad Create a public pad
hos->intro->btn-signup Create an account of private pads
hos->intro->btn-tour Guided tour
hos->intro->chatons (member of the [CHATONS]( collective).
hos->intro->copied Link copied!
hos->intro->copy Copy the link
hos->intro->expiration Duration of the pad
hos->intro->link Link to share
hos->intro->month one month
hos->intro->more Learn more about @:txt.pad
hos->intro->name Pad name
hos->intro->six-month 6 months
hos->intro->subtitle A collaborative real-time web-based editor
hos->intro->title @:txt.pad
hos->intro->week one week
hos->intro->year one year
hos->limit->btn-cgu Terms of Use
hos->limit->btn-moderation Moderation charter
hos->limit->desc ## Limitations

Public pads have a limited lifespan to avoid growing our databases
indefinitely.<br />
The expiry date is defined according to the date of **last modification**
of the pad.<br />
To keep your documents, consider using the {icon} Import/Export menu.

This service is offered subject to acceptance of our terms and conditions
and may be moderated according to our moderation policy.
hos->what->md A pad is an online collaborative text editor. The contributions of each user
are indicated by a colour code, appear on the screen in real time and are
recorded as they are typed.
<br />
Want a [demonstration]({link})?

## How does it work?

- Create a pad.
- Start to **write** your text
- and **invite** your collaborators.
- Each participant is distinguished by a **color**
- and can **chat** with the group.
- If necessary, restore an old version from **history**
- and when your work is done, **export** it.

## Private Pads

You have the possibility to create a password protected account and having
a space dedicated to the management of your pads and their access rights.
hos->what->title What is it?
meta->lead Collaborative Text Editor Biskoazh n'eo bet ken aes kenlabourat enlinenn
page_info->add_yourself If you are **an organization** that has the resources to host such a service and would like to be added to it, you can contact us through [](
page_info->columns->chatons Type
page_info->columns->country Country
page_info->columns->title Instance name
page_info->columns->url URL
page_info->instance->type->chatons CHATONS


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