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hos->header->mypolls My polls
hos->intro->btn-create Create a poll
hos->intro->btn-create-classic Make a standard poll
hos->intro->btn-create-date Schedule an event
hos->intro->btn-tour Guided tour
hos->intro->help-create-classic To choose between several free options
hos->intro->help-create-date To determine the best date among several proposals
hos->intro->more Learn more about
hos->intro->subtitle Schedule a meeting or create an opinion poll
hos->limit->btn-cgu Terms of Use
hos->limit->btn-moderation Moderation charter
hos->limit->desc ## Limitations has a number of limitations:

- a form has a lifetime of **{days} days** (by default)
- after expiration you will have **{months} months** to extend your survey
before it is permanently deleted from our database

This service is offered subject to acceptance of our terms and conditions
and may be moderated according to our moderation policy.
hos->what->tab1->desc ### Organise your events

The “dates” polls allow you to collaboratively determine
the date and time (the place, online, in-person, etc.)
of a meeting that suits everyone.
hos->what->tab1->label Planning
hos->what->tab2->desc ### Make decisions together

“Standard” polls allow you to quickly and simply
pick the most popular of the proposed topics.
hos->what->tab2->label Decision
hos->what->tab3->desc ### Make sense of your results

You can access your submissions online and visualize them as graphs,
or export everything to a spreadsheet.
hos->what->tab3->label Analyze
hos->what->title Getting started
meta->lead Make your polls


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