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Number of dolos
Show a single dolo, formatted with those parameters:
The only mandatory parameter, choose the dolo to show.
This format the rendered text with the text of your choice. %foo will be replaced like this:
the name of the dolo or its target URL (like if it's unnamed
the target URL of the dolo
the visit counter of the dolo
the name of the category the dolo belongs to
the name of the dolo's tags, comma separated
the content of the dolo's "extra" field
returns a link to the dolomon URL. Formatted with those optional parameters (default to the dolomon URL):
add a class to the link to look like a button
the other parameters works like described above
Please note that the parameters don't cumulate. <pre><code>self</code></pre> is overloaded by any other parameter except <pre><code>button</code></pre>
Then the formatting stops at first match in that order:
Shows the dolos of a category, a tag, or all, depending of the parameters.
Accepts all the parameters of the <pre><code>[dolo]</code></pre> shortcode except <pre><code>id</code></pre>.
Those parameters will be used for the formatting of the dolos.
Shows all the dolos, grouped by categories, with a filter field to quickly search a dolo.
Have an optional parameter:
Add a list of dolos before the categories blocks. Argument is a comma separated list of dolos id
The id of the category. Will show something like that:
Name of the category
Can take the following optional parameters:
used to filter the dolos of the category: will show only the dolos that have at least one of those tags
do no show the category name, print only the list of dolos
The id of the tag. Will show something like that:
Name of the tag
used to filter the dolos of the tag: will show only the dolos that belongs to one of those categories


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