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services->padlet->lDesc Draft ideas and share them with discretion
services->padlet->mBody->desc @framaservice allows you to create a table of columns where collaborators can come and leave colored notes. Like <a href="><b class="violet>Frama</b><b class="vert">pad</b></a>, registration is not required, and the modifications are visible and recorded in real time.
services->padlet->mBody->feat Visit the site, create a table, pick a nickname, then share the URL (web address) with your collaborators. It’s as simple as that!
services->padlet->mTitle A brainstorm of libre post-its
services->padlet->sDesc Organizing ideas
services->padlet->tags collaborate, brainstorm
services->padlet->tDesc Create a collaborative online and real time table of notes, to animate your brainstorming sessions (alternative to Padlet).
services->pastebin->hDesc With Framabin, you can share information that only you and your correspondant are able to decypher and it couldn’t be easier to use.
services->pastebin->lDesc Write and share confidentially
services->pastebin->mBody->desc @framaservice provides a simple way to share cyphered information exclusively with your correspondent. You can even choose the duration of access.
services->pastebin->mBody->feat You may need to communicate one or more pieces of confidential information without sending a standard e-mail or paper. Framabin enables you to send an address with simple but secure access. The server stores the cyphered data, which remains unreadable.
services->pastebin->mTitle Communicate cyphered data
services->pastebin->sDesc Anonymous notes
services->pastebin->tags share, note, text, encryption
services->pastebin->tDesc Draft texts, notes and code and share them confidentially thanks to end-to-end encryption (alternative to Pastebin).
services->patreon->sDesc Micropayment and crowdfunding
services->paypal->sDesc Online payments
services->pixlr->hDesc For simple and quick creation and modification of beautiful images online in the open SVG format. Children love it!
services->pixlr->lDesc Create vector graphics quickly on open standard SVG
services->pixlr->mBody->desc @framaservice is a very simple (even simplistic) drawing software.
services->pixlr->mBody->feat->[0] Available online, without any installation
services->pixlr->mBody->feat->[1] No registration required
services->pixlr->mBody->feat->[2] Export your documents to bitmap or vector format
services->pixlr->mBody->feat->[3] Free software, open to all
services->pixlr->mBody->feat->[4] Ethics: none of your data gets stored
services->pixlr->mBody->more <iframe src="" width="560" height="315" allowfullscreen></iframe>
services->pixlr->mTitle Create vector graphics quickly on open standard SVG
services->pixlr->sDesc Vectorial Drawing
services->pixlr->tags images, draw
services->pixlr->tDesc Create and modify shape based images (vector graphics, in the SVG format) simply and in a few clicks. Children love it.


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