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services->transifex->mTitle Make your code multilingual!
services->transifex->mBody->desc @framaservice offers you an easy-to-use translation interface to translate strings from your code collaboratively.
services->transifex->mBody->feat Create a account, upload your code and moderate contributions.
services->twitter->sDesc Microblogging
services->twitter->lDesc Express yourself on the Internet
services->twitter->tDesc Communicate through short messages in a public, confidential or private way with this ethical and decentralized alternative to Twitter.
services->twitter->hDesc Framapiaf is a free <b>microblogging</b> service, based on the decentralized software Mastodon. Find your friends on Framapiaf - or other Mastodon, GNU Social, Friendica instances - and communicate with them without being tracked.
services->twitter->mTitle Free microblogging
services->twitter->mBody->desc @framaservice allows you to follow feeds and have your own feed, with a decentralized solution.
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[0] Choose a client,
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[1] open an account,
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[2] then subscribe to various feeds
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[3] and tweet.
services->twitter->tags network, social, microblogging
services->airbnb->sDesc Accommodation
services->aweber->sDesc Newsletter
services->blablacar->sDesc Car sharing
services->routard->sDesc Travel guide
services->gchrome->sDesc Web browser
services->deezer->sDesc Music
services->flickr->sDesc Photo album
services->ganalytics->sDesc Web statistics
services->orange->sDesc Internet service provider
services->outlook->sDesc Email client
services->ovh->sDesc Web hosting & cloud
services->patreon->sDesc Micropayment and crowdfunding
services->paypal->sDesc Online payments
services->universalis->sDesc Encyclopedia
services->whatsapp->sDesc Instant messaging service
Key English Russian
medias->tabs->tab7->intro Infography credits: <a href="">Geoffrey Dorne</a>, freely reusable under license @:license.ccbysa4
medias->tabs->tab7->title Infography Framasoft
medias->tabs->title Visuals for the de-google-ify campain
medias->timeline Timeline De-googl-ify Internet
medias->title Media area
meta->dio De-google-ify Internet Разгуглим Инернет
meta->DIo <a href="@:link.DIo">@:meta.dioname</a> <a href="@:link.DIo">@:meta.dioname</a>
meta->dioname <b class="violet">De-google-ify</b> <b class="orange">Internet</b> <b class="violet">Разгуглим</b> <b class="orange">Инернет</b>
meta->edit Last modification on the Последнее изменение в
meta->F @:html.soft @:html.soft
meta->lead An initiative of the @:meta.F network for a<br /> <a href="#leds">Free</a>, <a href="#leds" >Decentralized</a>, <a href="#leds">Ethical</a> Internet built on <a href="#leds">Solidarity</a> Инициатива сети для <br /> <a href="#leds">Свободного</a>, <a href="#leds">Децентрализованного</a>, <a href="#leds">Этичного</a> Интернета, построенного на <a href="#leds">Cплочённости</a>
meta->start Campaign began on Мы начали кампанию в
meta->support Support this project Поддержать этот проект
meta->title De-google-ify Internet Разгуглим Инернет
services->airbnb->sDesc Accommodation
services->aweber->sDesc Newsletter
services->bitly->hDesc With, too long links can be shortened. On social networks and microblogging, a shortened link saves space and improves clarity.
services->bitly->lDesc Short URLs that keep it discreet.
services->bitly->mBody->desc With @framaservice or <a href=""></a>, you can shrink excessively long URLs without it being possible to track their use. On social networks or microblogs, a shortened web address can help save space or improve readability.
services->bitly->mBody->feat Enter the original version of your URL: shortens it. Copy the link.
services->bitly->mTitle Finies les adresses trop longues
services->bitly->sDesc URL shortener
services->bitly->tags share, links
services->bitly->tDesc Shorten and/or customize a web address (URL) in two clicks, and without tracking anyone (alternative to or
services->blablacar->sDesc Car sharing
services->blogger->lDesc Create a web site which respects your visitors
services->blogger->mBody->desc @framaservice allows you to create a website easily with free software tools and to host it on our servers. Zero publicity, zero trackers will prejudice the data of your visitors.
services->blogger->mBody->feat Choose your sub-domaine, the type of site that you want to create (web page, blog) then let the service guide you.
services->blogger->mTitle Your own website in a few clicks
services->blogger->sDesc Weblog hosting service


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