Key English Russian Actions
services->twitter->tDesc Communicate through short messages in a public, confidential or private way with this ethical and decentralized alternative to Twitter.
services->twitter->hDesc Framapiaf is a free <b>microblogging</b> service, based on the decentralized software Mastodon. Find your friends on Framapiaf - or other Mastodon, GNU Social, Friendica instances - and communicate with them without being tracked.
services->twitter->mTitle Free microblogging
services->twitter->mBody->desc @framaservice allows you to follow feeds and have your own feed, with a decentralized solution.
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[0] Choose a client,
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[1] open an account,
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[2] then subscribe to various feeds
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[3] and tweet.
services->twitter->tags network, social, microblogging
services->airbnb->sDesc Accommodation
services->aweber->sDesc Newsletter
services->blablacar->sDesc Car sharing
services->routard->sDesc Travel guide
services->gchrome->sDesc Web browser
services->deezer->sDesc Music
services->flickr->sDesc Photo album
services->ganalytics->sDesc Web statistics
services->orange->sDesc Internet service provider
services->outlook->sDesc Email client
services->ovh->sDesc Web hosting & cloud
services->patreon->sDesc Micropayment and crowdfunding
services->paypal->sDesc Online payments
services->universalis->sDesc Encyclopedia
services->whatsapp->sDesc Instant messaging service
Key English Russian Actions
services->evernote->mBody->feat->[1] facilitated formating (Markdown syntax)
services->evernote->mBody->feat->[2] hosting (small) pictures and files
services->evernote->mBody->feat->[3] possibility to share a "Table of notes" with other users
services->evernote->mTitle Your notes concern you alone.
services->evernote->sDesc Notetaking
services->evernote->tags note, share, encryption
services->evernote->tDesc Synchronize your notes, pictures and favorite links between devices with all the security of encryption (an alternative to Evernote).
services->facebook->hDesc Framasphère is a free social network, based on the décentralized Diaspora* software. Find your friends on Framasphère - or another Diaspora* pod - without your exchanges being tracked.
services->facebook->lDesc An ethical and decentralized social network
services->facebook->mBody->desc @framaservice is a social network that respects your data and your privacy. Framasphere is a node (also called <i>pod </i>) of Diaspora*, a free social network.
services->facebook->mBody->feat Share messages and photos with anyone on the Diaspora* network, manage your contacts, tags, mentions, reshares… You can also publish on other social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr) or on WordPress.
services->facebook->mTitle Join your friends in the libre zone
services->facebook->sDesc An ethical and decentralized social network
services->facebook->tags social, network, sharing
services->facebook->tDesc Share on an ethical and decentralized social network, without your profile being exploited for the benefit of advertisers (alternative to Facebook).
services->flickr->sDesc Photo album
services->gagenda->hDesc With Framagenda you can create personal or professional agendas, the timetable for a room or the activities of your organisation, and share them freely. You stay incharge of your data, and you choose with whom, where and when they are shown.
services->gagenda->lDesc You choose who sees your timetable
services->gagenda->mBody->desc With @framaservice you can create personal or professional agendas, the timetable for a room or the activities of your organisation, and share them freely. You stay incharge of your data, and you choose with whom, where and when they are shown.
services->gagenda->mBody->feat->[0] creation of multiple agendas
services->gagenda->mBody->feat->[1] lists of contacts and of tasks
services->gagenda->mBody->feat->[2] synchronisation across devices
services->gagenda->mBody->feat->[3] share agendas
services->gagenda->mBody->feat->[4] invite (by email) participants to appointments
services->gagenda->mBody->feat->[5] possibility to publicly show agendas
services->gagenda->mTitle You own your appointments
services->gagenda->sDesc Shared calendar
services->gagenda->tags date, organise, share, agenda, calendar, contacts, tasks
services->gagenda->tDesc Create personal or professional, confidential or public, agendas, on your own or in collaboration, and synchronise them across devices.
services->ganalytics->sDesc Web statistics


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