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services->trello->mTitle Project management
services->trello->sDesc Project management
services->trello->tags organize, calendar, agenda, task, project
services->trello->tDesc Manage your group’s projects with multiple tools: teams, task tables, schedules, reminders and emails… (alternative to Trello).
services->twitter->hDesc Framapiaf is a free <b>microblogging</b> service, based on the decentralized software Mastodon. Find your friends on Framapiaf - or other Mastodon, GNU Social, Friendica instances - and communicate with them without being tracked.
services->twitter->lDesc Express yourself on the Internet
services->twitter->mBody->desc @framaservice allows you to follow feeds and have your own feed, with a decentralized solution.
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[0] Choose a client,
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[1] open an account,
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[2] then subscribe to various feeds
services->twitter->mBody->feat->[3] and tweet.
services->twitter->mTitle Free microblogging
services->twitter->sDesc Microblogging
services->twitter->tags network, social, microblogging
services->twitter->tDesc Communicate through short messages in a public, confidential or private way with this ethical and decentralized alternative to Twitter.
services->universalis->sDesc Encyclopedia
services->wetransfer->hDesc With Framadrop, no more issue with attachment too big impairing you to send files by email. This Free service allow you to easily and securily share files.
services->wetransfer->lDesc Share your files anonymously
services->wetransfer->mBody->desc @framaservice provides an easy way to share files, for example, when you want to send an email attachment and the file exceeds the maximum allowed size.
services->wetransfer->mBody->feat @framaservice can send files anonymously. You decide when you wish to remove them (after the first download, 24h or 7, 30, 60 days after they go online).
services->wetransfer->mBody->more Note, however, that this service is not an equivalent of Dropbox or Google Drive: it is not a file hosting service (for that we have <b class="violet">Frama</b><b class="vert">drive</b>), but really an anonymous file transfer service (the content is automatically encoded before transfer, and we have no access to it).
services->wetransfer->mTitle Share your files easily
services->wetransfer->sDesc Send large files
services->wetransfer->tags share, files, encryption
services->wetransfer->tDesc Share web file with a web link, confidentialy with end-to-end encryption (alternative to WeTransfer).
services->whatsapp->sDesc Instant messaging service
services->youtube->hDesc Videos in French (or with French subtitles) about Free Software and the Free movement in general. Interviews, conferences, documentaries, TV recordings… to get informed and also inform others.
services->youtube->lDesc Share your videos, keep your rights
services->youtube->mBody->desc On @framaservice, you can upload your videos, share them with your friends, or provide open access. This is certainly the best way to share your videos without transferring your rights.
services->youtube->mBody->feat Open an account and upload your videos. You keep your rights and your freedom to change uploads.


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