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list->title List of services
list->desc List of free, ethical, decentralized, and solidarity-based online services offered by Framasoft (or in progress) to de-google-ify Internet
alt->title List of alternatives
alt->desc List of free, ethical, decentralized, and solidarity-based online alternatives recommended by Framasoft to de-google-ify Internet
alt->table->th1 You use
alt->table->th2 recommends
alt->table->th3 based on
alt->text1 @:meta.F aims to <a href="@:link.dio"> offer around thirty free alternative services</a> to provide a substitute for those services which, once they get hold of us, proceed to feed upon our data.<br /> But there are many other players working to de-google-ify Internet and many other such services.
alt->text2 You will find <a href="#tips" rel="nofollow">below</a>, a list summarizing and supplementing the alternatives presented on the map. It is inspired by <a href="">Prism-Break</a> which promotes other software in more specialized areas.
alt->text3 In the list, each service generally includes a <b>complex website</b> <span aria-hidden="true">(<i class="fa fa-fw fa-cloud"></i>)</span> communicating with <b>software installed on a computer</b> <span aria-hidden="true">(<i class="fa fa-fw fa-server"></i>)</span> which stores personal data and which can be accessed through various <b>home-based tools</b> <span aria-hidden="true">(<i class="fa fa-fw fa-home"></i>)</span>.
alt->text4 So when we use Internet, we must necessarily <b>trust several links in the chain</b> joining us to our personal data online. Unless we self-host, <b>the <i lang="en">cloud</i> is always someone else&quote;s computer</b>. It is therefore important to know who we are being asked to trust and what their software is doing with our data.
medias->title Media area
medias->subtitle History of the De-google-ify Internet campaign
medias->intro De-googl-ify Internet is a campaign that lasted three years (Oct. 2014 - Oct. 2017), but which is part of a more general Framasoft journey.<br /> Browse through the fresco below to discover the key dates (full screen <a href="@:link.dio/@:lang/timeline">available here</a>).
medias->timeline Timeline De-googl-ify Internet
medias->tabs->title Visuals for the de-google-ify campain
medias->tabs->intro The visuals below are under free license, the credits are specified under each tab.<br /> These visuals are in large size (contrary to appearances). However, if you need a higher resolution, feel free to <a href="">contact us</a>.
medias->tabs->saveas To reuse the picture, right click on the image and “save image as”
medias->tabs->tab1->title Maps
medias->tabs->tab1->intro Maps credits: <a href="">Simon « Gee » Giraudot</a>, freely reusable under license @:license.ccbysa4
medias->tabs->tab1->img->before->[0] Map “Before”
medias->tabs->tab1->img->before->[1] Map of France invaded by GAFAM services (Oct 2014)
medias->tabs->tab1->img->after->[0] Map “After”
medias->tabs->tab1->img->after->[1] Map of France with Framasoft’s alternatives (Oct 2016)
medias->tabs->tab1->img->anim->[0] Animated map
medias->tabs->tab1->img->anim->[1] Animation: the recapture of GAFAM services (in .gif format)
medias->tabs->tab2->title Drawings Gee
medias->tabs->tab2->intro Drawing credits: <a href="">Simon « Gee » Giraudot</a>, freely reusable under license @:license.ccbysa4
medias->tabs->tab2->img->[0] Drawing “Closed”
medias->tabs->tab2->img->[1] Drawing “Cyber Police”
medias->tabs->tab2->img->[2] Drawing “Spies”
Key English Actions
medias->tabs->tab3->video->short->[0] Short version (FR - 17mn)
medias->tabs->tab4->title Presentation
medias->tabs->tab5->title <span lang="en">Stickers</span>
medias->tabs->tab6->img->[0] Drawing “Files”
medias->tabs->tab6->img->[1] Drawing “Project”
medias->tabs->tab6->img->[2] Drawing “Social networks”
medias->tabs->tab6->img->[3] Drawing “Visio-conf”
medias->tabs->tab6->img->[4] Drawing “De-googl-ify”
medias->tabs->tab6->intro Drawings credits: <a href="">Péhä</a>, freely reusable under license @:license.ccby3
medias->tabs->tab6->title Drawings Péhä
medias->tabs->tab7->img->[0] Infography «Framasoft’s World»
medias->tabs->tab7->intro Infography credits: <a href="">Geoffrey Dorne</a>, freely reusable under license @:license.ccbysa4
medias->tabs->tab7->title Infography Framasoft
medias->tabs->title Visuals for the de-google-ify campain
medias->timeline Timeline De-googl-ify Internet
medias->title Media area
meta->dio De-google-ify Internet
meta->DIo <a href="@:link.DIo">@:meta.dioname</a>
meta->dioname <b class="violet">De-google-ify</b> <b class="orange">Internet</b>
meta->edit Last modification on the
meta->F @:html.soft
meta->lead An initiative of the @:meta.F network for a<br /> <a href="#leds">Free</a>, <a href="#leds" >Decentralized</a>, <a href="#leds">Ethical</a> Internet built on <a href="#leds">Solidarity</a>
meta->start Campaign began on
meta->support Support this project
meta->title De-google-ify Internet
services->airbnb->sDesc Accommodation
services->aweber->sDesc Newsletter
services->bitly->hDesc With, too long links can be shortened. On social networks and microblogging, a shortened link saves space and improves clarity.


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