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Key English Actions
cat1->geo Geo
cat1->hobbies Hobbies
cat1->site Website
cat1->dev Development
cat2->collab Collaborate
cat2->prod Design useful tools
cat2->orga Organize together
cat2->com Communicate with others
cat2->share Share links and files
cat2->tools Synchronise and share
cat2->search Improved web experience
cat2->games Have fun with free software
tags->calendar calendar
tags->encryption encryption
tags->social social
tags->share share
tags->game game
services->bitly->sDesc URL shortener
services->bitly->lDesc Short URLs that keep it discreet.
services->bitly->tDesc Shorten and/or customize a web address (URL) in two clicks, and without tracking anyone (alternative to or
services->bitly->hDesc With, too long links can be shortened. On social networks and microblogging, a shortened link saves space and improves clarity.
services->bitly->mTitle Finies les adresses trop longues
services->bitly->mBody->desc With @framaservice or <a href=""></a>, you can shrink excessively long URLs without it being possible to track their use. On social networks or microblogs, a shortened web address can help save space or improve readability.
services->bitly->mBody->feat Enter the original version of your URL: shortens it. Copy the link.
services->bitly->tags share, links
services->blogger->sDesc Weblog hosting service
services->blogger->lDesc Create a web site which respects your visitors
services->blogger->tDesc Create a blog, a webpage or a website which respects your visitors and your publications (an alternative to Blogger or Tumblr).
services->blogger->mTitle Your own website in a few clicks
services->blogger->mBody->desc @framaservice allows you to create a website easily with free software tools and to host it on our servers. Zero publicity, zero trackers will prejudice the data of your visitors.
services->blogger->mBody->feat Choose your sub-domaine, the type of site that you want to create (web page, blog) then let the service guide you.
Key English Actions
services->wetransfer->mTitle Share your files easily
services->wetransfer->sDesc Send large files
services->wetransfer->tags share, files, encryption
services->wetransfer->tDesc Share web file with a web link, confidentialy with end-to-end encryption (alternative to WeTransfer).
services->whatsapp->sDesc Instant messaging service
services->youtube->hDesc Videos in French (or with French subtitles) about Free Software and the Free movement in general. Interviews, conferences, documentaries, TV recordings… to get informed and also inform others.
services->youtube->lDesc Share your videos, keep your rights
services->youtube->mBody->desc On @framaservice, you can upload your videos, share them with your friends, or provide open access. This is certainly the best way to share your videos without transferring your rights.
services->youtube->mBody->feat Open an account and upload your videos. You keep your rights and your freedom to change uploads.
services->youtube->mTitle Release your videos
services->youtube->sDesc Release your videos
services->youtube->tags share, video
tags->calendar calendar
tags->encryption encryption
tags->game game
tags->share share
tags->social social
timeline->announce Announcement of
timeline->events->[0] <a href="">Edward Snowden</a> revelations on American and British mass espionage programs.
timeline->events->[1] <a href="">Framasoft’s de-googl-ification</a><br />(see the <a href="">the RMLL 2014 conference</a>)
timeline->events->[10] <a href="">@:timeline.launch, Framapic and Framabin</a>
timeline->events->[11] <a href="">@:timeline.launch Framabee</a>
timeline->events->[12] <a href="">@:timeline.launch Framagames</a>
timeline->events->[13] <a href="">@:timeline.launch Framabookin</a>
timeline->events->[14] <a href="">Progress report at the RMLL of Beauvais</a>
timeline->events->[15] <a href="">«De-googl-ify Internet» season 2 announcement</a>
timeline->events->[16] <a href="">@:timeline.launch Framadrive</a>
timeline->events->[17] <a href="">Announcement of MyPads</a>
timeline->events->[18] <a href="">@:timeline.launch Framaboard</a>
timeline->events->[19] <a href="">@:timeline.launch the new version of Framadate</a>


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