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timeline->events->[43] <a href="">@:timeline.announce PeerTube</a>
timeline->events->[44] <a href="">@:timeline.launch Framaclic</a>
timeline->events->[45] <a href="">@:timeline.launch Framastory</a>
timeline->events->[46] <a href="">@:timeline.launch Peertube 1.0</a>
timeline->events->[5] <a href="">@:timeline.launch Framasphère</a>
timeline->events->[6] <a href="">Announcement of Framindmap</a>
timeline->events->[7] <a href="">New version of Framadate</a>
timeline->events->[8] <a href="">@:timeline.launch the crowdfunding of MyPads</a>
timeline->events->[9] <a href=" ">@:timeline.launch Framagit</a>
timeline->launch Launch of
timeline->title @:meta.F, la timeline
txt->allServices All services
txt->altOffline Alternative offline
txt->altOnline Alternative online
txt->andCo & co
txt->asAltTo As an alternative to the services of
txt->backToMap Return to the map
txt->basedOn is an instance based on
txt->chatons KITTENS
txt->close Close
txt->docs Documentation
txt->editor Editor:
txt->equiv Equivalent(s):
txt->examples Some examples?
txt->features Features :
txt->framacloud Framacloud
txt->framaservice Framasoft service:
txt->howTo Discover how to
txt->install Install


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