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home->explain->props->solid->title Solidarity
home->explain->props->solid->text1 Through the services we deploy, we promote an economic model based on sharing costs and resources, and providing widespread access.
home->explain->props->solid->text2 This model also has an educational aspect because we believe that by documenting ways to setup services, many users will in turn be able to share these resources.
home->explain->props->solid->text3 We think that, by not infantilizing users and by sharing responsibility for the use of services, it will be possible to regulate abuse.
home->explain->props->solid->text4 Framasoft is thus committed to promoting respect and autonomy for its users (as long as this is reciprocated).
home->explain->props->charte->title Services and Charter
home->explain->props->charte->desc You can find online the list of the services we already offer (and those yet to come), together with our charter:
home->explain->props->charte->btn Framasoft service charter
home->explain->concrete->title In practice
home->explain->concrete->text1 The “de-google-ify Internet” project - which does not exclusively concern Google - consists in <strong> offering as many alternative services as possible to those we consider a threat to our digital lives</strong>.
home->explain->concrete->text2 Google Docs, Skype, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Google Agenda, Youtube, Doodle, Yahoo! Groups, and many others, are extremely convenient services but <strong>they have become far too large and have made us dependent on them</strong>. Framasoft wishes to resist this trend and is putting forward a roadmap for setting up alternative services over several years.
home->explain->concrete->text3 These services are free, gratis, open to all (insofar as our technical and financial capabilities allow us), as <strong> <a href="" title="digital commons">digital commons</a> </strong>. With the goal of decentralising the Internet and promoting self-hosting, we will do our best to ensure that everyone can install their own services (for themselves, for their organisation, or their company).
home->explain->concrete->text4 Of course, We are not aiming <em>to compete with</em> these services, We merely wish to offer a space that is neutral, non-commercial, and in no way aggressive towards its users.
home->explain->concrete->text5 See the list of services we are already offering (and those that we are preparing):
list->title List of services
list->desc List of free, ethical, decentralized, and solidarity-based online services offered by Framasoft (or in progress) to de-google-ify Internet
alt->title List of alternatives
alt->desc List of free, ethical, decentralized, and solidarity-based online alternatives recommended by Framasoft to de-google-ify Internet
alt->table->th1 You use
alt->table->th2 recommends
alt->table->th3 based on
alt->text1 @:meta.F aims to <a href="@:link.dio"> offer around thirty free alternative services</a> to provide a substitute for those services which, once they get hold of us, proceed to feed upon our data.<br /> But there are many other players working to de-google-ify Internet and many other such services.
alt->text2 You will find <a href="#tips" rel="nofollow">below</a>, a list summarizing and supplementing the alternatives presented on the map. It is inspired by <a href="">Prism-Break</a> which promotes other software in more specialized areas.
alt->text3 In the list, each service generally includes a <b>complex website</b> <span aria-hidden="true">(<i class="fa fa-fw fa-cloud"></i>)</span> communicating with <b>software installed on a computer</b> <span aria-hidden="true">(<i class="fa fa-fw fa-server"></i>)</span> which stores personal data and which can be accessed through various <b>home-based tools</b> <span aria-hidden="true">(<i class="fa fa-fw fa-home"></i>)</span>.
alt->text4 So when we use Internet, we must necessarily <b>trust several links in the chain</b> joining us to our personal data online. Unless we self-host, <b>the <i lang="en">cloud</i> is always someone else&quote;s computer</b>. It is therefore important to know who we are being asked to trust and what their software is doing with our data.
medias->title Media area
medias->subtitle History of the De-google-ify Internet campaign
medias->intro De-googl-ify Internet is a campaign that lasted three years (Oct. 2014 - Oct. 2017), but which is part of a more general Framasoft journey.<br /> Browse through the fresco below to discover the key dates (full screen <a href="@:link.dio/@:lang/timeline">available here</a>).
medias->timeline Timeline De-googl-ify Internet
medias->tabs->title Visuals for the de-google-ify campain
medias->tabs->intro The visuals below are under free license, the credits are specified under each tab.<br /> These visuals are in large size (contrary to appearances). However, if you need a higher resolution, feel free to <a href="">contact us</a>.
Key English Actions
home->why->props->desc <strong>Our approach</strong> is simpleand consists in determining the self-imposed conditions that may justify such trust. We aim to offer alternatives that respect people and diversity while making it impossible to reproduce such monopolies.
home->why->title Why?
home->why->who->btn Who are we?
home->why->who->desc In order for you to determine whether you can trust us, we have published an introduction to our Framasoft network (and to the non-profit that supports it), together with our reports and administrative documention under <strong>Who are we?</strong>
img->map Carte2016-romains-en.png
leds->charte To find out more about this, feel free to read <strong><a href="@:link.charte">our detailed charter</a></strong>.
leds->decent->desc The genius of the Internet must dwell at the margins of the network in a peer-to-peer sharing dynamic, to avoid creating a Minitel 2.0. To insure equality for all concerned, from citizens to businesses, monopolies must not only be excluded, but also prevented from monopolizing personal or public data. Through clear tutorials explaining how to propagate free solutions for establishing a fairer Internet, we intend to facilitate the spreading of codes and a diversification of usages.
leds->decent->title Decentralized
leds->ethic->desc We wish to support a participative and independent Internet. Exploitation, surveillance, censorship, and data appropriation are trends we refuse in favor of transparency (integrity), clearly displayed policies for users of the various services, and the refusal of all forms of discrimination.
leds->ethic->title Ethics
leds->libre->desc As far as standards and protocols are concerned, the story of the Internet is one of free software. But its popularity and potential make big firms jealous. They would like to claim control of it by establishing closed code in locked systems that are not interoperable. To keep the Internet faithful to the founding principles which led to its success, it is important that there should be free apps on the Internet, that is to say, apps with opensource codes, accessible under free license.
leds->libre->title Free
leds->solid->desc Through the services we provide, we promote a model based on cost participation, resource sharing, and accessibility for the largest number of people. Any abuse will thus be avoided, for we all remain fully aware of our common interests. This model also has an educational purpose since, as we document the roll-out of services, many users will in their turn be able to share those resources.
leds->solid->title Solidarity
leds->title For an Internet…
list->desc List of free, ethical, decentralized, and solidarity-based online services offered by Framasoft (or in progress) to de-google-ify Internet
list->title List of services
map->alt The year is 2016 AD. The whole web is occupied by centralized services… Well… not entirely. One small village of indomitable Free Software lovers still holds out against the invaders. And life is not easy for the legionaries who garrison the fortified camps of Closedum, Centralizum, Trackum, and Proprietarum.
map->title Click on the map to discover all alternatives…
medias->frama->list->[0] <a href="">Contact us</a> (This form relates directly to our press service).
medias->frama->list->[1] <a href="">Wikipedia page</a> dedicated to Framasoft.
medias->frama->list->[2] Framasoft <a href="@:link.soutenir/association">Complete presentation</a>.
medias->frama->list->[3] Framasoft <a href="">Press release</a>.
medias->frama->text1 Framasoft is a freely available public education network which aims to promote and spread free software and free culture.
medias->frama->text2 As a link between the world of free software and the general public, our association offers many projects (directory software, a publisher, a websearch engine, etc.), with three main goals: Free Software, Free Culture, and Free Services.
medias->frama->text3 <em>The logo is a realization of JosephK under license @:license.ccbysa4</em>
medias->frama->title Framasoft in a few links…
medias->intro De-googl-ify Internet is a campaign that lasted three years (Oct. 2014 - Oct. 2017), but which is part of a more general Framasoft journey.<br /> Browse through the fresco below to discover the key dates (full screen <a href="@:link.dio/@:lang/timeline">available here</a>).
medias->press->intro The “De-google-ify Internet” campaign already received a lot of attention during the first year. Here are some extracts from our <a href="">Press release</a>.
medias->press->lArticle Link to the article


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