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cat1->dev Development
cat1->files File sharing
cat1->geo Geo
cat1->hobbies Hobbies
cat1->home At home
cat1->media Media & culture
cat1->office Office
cat1->site Website
cat1->social Social
cat1->web Web
cat2->collab Collaborate
cat2->com Communicate with others
cat2->games Have fun with free software
cat2->orga Organize together
cat2->prod Design useful tools
cat2->search Improved web experience
cat2->share Share links and files
cat2->tools Synchronise and share
home->contact->btn Contact Framasoft
home->contact->text1 We are a small-scale non-profit (under 40 members, under 10 employees) that has to deal with many different types of requests:
home->contact->text2->[0] taking part in various events;
home->contact->text2->[1] answering the press and media;
home->contact->text2->[2] providing assistance with our services;
home->contact->text2->[3] sharing technical experience;
home->contact->text2->[4] providing all types of explanation…
home->contact->text3 In order to answer you in the most human, personal fashion, we have designed a single page that enables us to find the most suitable person for your particular query as quickly as possible. We promise we’ll do our best, but there are only 24 hours to a day ;).
home->contact->title Contact us
home->explain->concrete->text1 The “de-google-ify Internet” project - which does not exclusively concern Google - consists in <strong> offering as many alternative services as possible to those we consider a threat to our digital lives</strong>.
home->explain->concrete->text2 Google Docs, Skype, Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter, Google Agenda, Youtube, Doodle, Yahoo! Groups, and many others, are extremely convenient services but <strong>they have become far too large and have made us dependent on them</strong>. Framasoft wishes to resist this trend and is putting forward a roadmap for setting up alternative services over several years.
home->explain->concrete->text3 These services are free, gratis, open to all (insofar as our technical and financial capabilities allow us), as <strong> <a href="" title="digital commons">digital commons</a> </strong>. With the goal of decentralising the Internet and promoting self-hosting, we will do our best to ensure that everyone can install their own services (for themselves, for their organisation, or their company).


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