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Content/Home/Header Help us improve and promote Free Software and Free Culture with translations, documentation, feedback, communication… You don't need to be a developper to help!
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How much time can you spend?
How to help? কিভাবে সাহায্য করবো?
Answer to a question where the user is asked about the time they can spend I don't know আমি জানি না
Sidebar text to get help Include a link to this page and the number of the step that's giving you trouble.
Label for language switcher Language ভাষা
Answer to a question where the user is asked about the time they can spend More আরও
Task duration More than two hours
No preference কোনো পছন্দ নেই
Task duration One hour এক ঘণ্টা
Task tag OpenStreetMap ওপেনস্ট্রিটম্যাপ
Badge displayed next to guide step Optional ঐচ্ছিক
Things that will help Recommendations সুপারিশকৃত
Sidebar label Recommended equipment: সুপারিশকৃত সরঞ্জাম:
Sidebar label Recommended skills: সুপারিশকৃত দক্ষতা:
Sidebar link Return home মূলস্থানে যাও
Modal button Save changes পরিবর্তন সংরক্ষণ করো
Guide step title Step %{ index }: %{ step.title }
Sidebar label Steps ধাপদমূহ
Task tag Support সহায়তা
Task tag Translation অনুবাদ
Task tag Wikipedia উইকিপিডিয়
Success message once the task is completed You're done, thank you for the help!
Task name Do some translations of Framasoft's projects
Task summary Help translate some projects into other languages.
Skill name Comprehend English ইংরেজিতে বোঝো
Skill summary You will often need to understand written English to translate to another language.
Skill name Be fluent in another language
Skill summary Good, you meet the requirements of translating into that language.


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