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What is PeerTube video / subtitlesEsperanto

Committed changes a month ago

This is an error with the English subtitles. The video says: "seamlessly to PeerTube".

a month ago
csen problemoj al PeerTube
a month ago
all of Dog-tube videos
Ĉĉiujn videojn de Hundo-tubo
a month ago
a month ago
and upload videos online,
kaj alŝuti videojn enal la reto,
a month ago
Peertube is an open-source video platform.
Peertube is an open-source video platformestas malfermitkoda videejo.
a month ago
What is PeerTube?
What iKio estas PeerTube?
a month ago
Make the web yours again,
Make the web yours againRefari la reton via,
a month ago
makes video streaming resilient
faras la videan elsendadon forkita
a month ago
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