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### Framatube, let’s break the hegemony of YouTube

The hosting of videos, when it is centralised on a platform, poses important
technical and economic challenges. Too many videos will cost you dear in webspace.
If your site is a success there will be significant traffic (with a traffic
jam on your server!) and you may find yourself having expensive bills to pay.

So rather than using the centralised model that has allowed <i>YouTube</i>,
<i>Netflix</i> (and others…) to become indispensable, why not be inspired
by the methods that led to the creation of the internet: decentralisation
and peer-to-peer sharing!

The free libre software <i>PeerTube</i> will allow a federation of video hosts
to transmit videos peer-to-peer. So each computer that receives a video will
send it on to others at the same time, and each host will decide his or her
own rules of play (conditions of use, moderation, monetisation…) all the while
linked to other hosts of the federation.

@:html.soft is wagering on <i>PeerTube</i> by financing its development,
not so that the everyone’s videos will be on a Framatube, but so that artists,
associations, organisations, institutions and the media can host their own
independent video platforms and contribute in turn to this project.
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## Créer et proposer des outils

Bienvenue dans un monde où les outils sont conçus de manière à favoriser des
échanges apaisés !

@:html.soft veut participer à l’élaboration et à la
mise à disposition de nouveaux services Web, conçus afin de respecter les personnes,
leurs libertés, leurs échanges et leurs réseaux.

Ces services seront développés en collaboration avec les personnes qui les utiliseront
pour s’enrichir de ces échanges.
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