Key English Chinese (Traditional)
00:00:57.697-->00:00:58.813 When several people watch 當許多人
00:01:30.240-->00:01:32.938 the Peertube instance that really suits you. 真正適合您的 PeerTube 實體。
00:00:18.856-->00:00:20.256 Federation 聯盟式運作
00:00:08.409-->00:00:10.106 and upload videos online, 與上傳影片,
00:01:05.994-->00:01:07.694 makes video streaming resilient 讓影片串流更有彈性
00:01:32.938-->00:01:34.738 Make the web yours again, 讓網路再次掌握在您手中,
00:00:44.577-->00:00:46.425 This is the base of the web! 這是網路的基礎!
00:00:36.923-->00:00:38.259 This federation approach 這種聯盟式的方法
00:00:27.997-->00:00:29.921 can be watched on Meow-tube! 都可以在 Meow-tube 上觀看!
00:01:27.231-->00:01:28.372 In the long run, 長期來說,
00:01:04.761-->00:01:05.994 Peer-to-peer streaming 點對點串流