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00:00:47.385-->00:00:49.005 P2P streaming P2P 串流
00:00:55.446-->00:00:57.212 from the PeerTube instance. PeerTube 實體串流。
00:00:21.563-->00:00:23.660 PeerTube instances can sync together. PeerTube 實體可以互相同步。
00:00:01.872-->00:00:04.153 Peertube is an open-source video platform. PeerTube 是一個開放原始碼的影片平臺。
00:00:00.000-->00:00:01.872 What is PeerTube? PeerTube 是什麼?
00:01:15.005-->00:01:16.578 Peertube is an open-source software PeerTube 是開放原始碼軟體
00:01:35.583-->00:01:36.933 one video at a time… 一次一部影片……
00:01:10.590-->00:01:12.241 shouldn't bring an instance down. 不應該讓站臺當掉。
00:01:07.694-->00:01:09.460 and efficent: 且更有效率:
00:00:39.855-->00:00:41.555 with shared video-catalog 並共享影片目錄
00:01:21.538-->00:01:24.436 anyone can make their own videotube, 任何人都可以建立他們自己的影片平臺,
00:00:10.106-->00:00:11.606 but there's more... 但還有更多……
00:01:13.226-->00:01:15.005 User freedom 使用者自由
00:00:50.938-->00:00:52.213 to run PeerTube. 來執行 PeerTube。
00:00:04.153-->00:00:06.549 Like YouTube or Vimeo 像 YoTube 或 Vimeo
00:01:24.436-->00:01:26.755 with their own rules, at a low cost. 制定自己的規則,且花費低廉。
00:00:41.788-->00:00:44.056 without paying for more disk space. 又不需要額外的磁碟空間。
00:01:34.770-->00:01:35.583 get its control back, 取回控制權,
00:01:36.933-->00:01:38.536 just join PeerTube: 只要加入 PeerTube: