Key English Chinese (Traditional)
00:01:18.915-->00:01:21.538 Institutions, medias, communities, 機構、媒體、社群、
00:01:21.538-->00:01:24.436 anyone can make their own videotube, 任何人都可以建立他們自己的影片平臺,
00:01:24.436-->00:01:26.755 with their own rules, at a low cost. 制定自己的規則,且花費低廉。
00:01:27.231-->00:01:28.372 In the long run, 長期來說,
00:01:28.372-->00:01:30.240 you'll be able to find and join 您可以找到並加入
00:01:30.240-->00:01:32.938 the Peertube instance that really suits you. 真正適合您的 PeerTube 實體。
00:01:32.938-->00:01:34.738 Make the web yours again, 讓網路再次掌握在您手中,
00:01:34.770-->00:01:35.583 get its control back, 取回控制權,
00:01:35.583-->00:01:36.933 one video at a time… 一次一部影片……
00:01:36.933-->00:01:38.536 just join PeerTube: 只要加入 PeerTube: