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<span style="color: red;font-weight: bold;">Demonstration website (please DON'T put real petitions here!)</span><br/> This tool is free and open-source software, you can install it on your server too!<br> Download the source code on <a href="https://github.com/pytition/pytition">GitHub</a><br> Documentation is available on <a href="https://pytition.readthedocs.io">ReadTheDocs</a> <span style="color: red;font-weight: bold;">Site de démonstration (ne publiez PAS de vrais pétitions ici !)</span><br/> Cet outil est un logiciel libre, vous pouvez l'installer sur votre propre serveur !<br> Télécharger le code source sur <a href="https://github.com/pytition/pytition">GitHub</a><br> La documentation est disponible sur <a href="https://pytition.readthedocs.io">ReadTheDocs</a>