Key English Chinese (Simplified)
00:00:22.173-->00:00:23.665 Among PEERTUBE workers 在从事PEERTUBE工作的人们中
00:00:38.557-->00:00:40.515 to understand 特别是去理解
00:05:20.712-->00:05:21.898 But we thought… 但是我们觉得……
00:08:16.597-->00:08:17.206 that say "Woaa… 不停的惊叹着“哇哦”……
00:10:04.292-->00:10:08.454 And there, I tried with a TV, an old tube TV, and from here, I tried with a tv, an old CRT tv
00:10:09.016-->00:10:10.045 the good one the good tv
00:10:10.474-->00:10:12.035 but immediately young people and immediately young people
00:10:12.064-->00:10:15.330 on the Pepper & Carrot project asked me
"woaa, why is his head in a microwave?"
on the Pepper & Carrot project said to me
"woaa, how comes his head is in a microwave?"
00:10:25.178-->00:10:26.559 Very quickly I got a figure And I obtained a figure very quickly
00:10:26.584-->00:10:28.840 that nobody knew, that wasn't known,
00:10:28.911-->00:10:31.730 who was made for PEERTUBE. and made for PEERTUBE.
00:10:32.188-->00:10:36.244 When I showed this sketch on the IRC channel, they immediately… When I showed this sketch on the IRC channel, they immediately...
00:10:36.826-->00:10:38.730 agreed in a very sympathic way. agreed with a great degree of sympathy
00:10:38.959-->00:10:41.463 To present it a bit to the community, and then to present it a bit to the community,
00:10:42.959-->00:10:44.806 make a version that was more… make a version that was more...
00:10:44.930-->00:10:45.368 clean, clean
00:10:45.454-->00:10:46.987 something a bit more like puppets a bit more vector puppet
00:10:47.596-->00:10:50.225 that's to say all the tentacles are separated, that's to say, the tentacles are separed
00:10:50.250-->00:10:51.367 we can move their eyes we can move the eyes
00:10:52.663-->00:10:54.948 articulate it and articulate it and