Key English Chinese (Simplified)
00:06:41.978-->00:06:46.158 where developers usually prefer 让程序员们都乐于为它奉献的软件;
00:02:33.150-->00:02:34.483 And knowing that there are 3 triangles. 记着那里会有三个触角。
00:00:37.115-->00:00:38.523 on user experience design 贡献了很多
00:08:48.281-->00:08:50.802 are very important. 起到重要的作用。
00:02:34.553-->00:02:38.320 "What does this 3 mean?" “这个3意味着什么呢?”
00:09:57.455-->00:09:59.645 this triangle that really speaks to me, 这个三角形很吸引我,
00:00:15.273-->00:00:19.340 Behind PEERTUBE, there's
the "De-google-ify Internet" project.
这个名为"De-google-ify Internet" 的项目
00:09:56.236-->00:09:57.236 this was… 这个曾经是…
00:08:18.662-->00:08:21.000 The video is also shared 这个视频同时也被分享到
00:01:01.228-->00:01:02.883 That's how we met 这也是我们认识的经过
00:08:15.023-->00:08:16.525 these new people 这些新的观众
00:07:47.207-->00:07:48.711 the servers… 这些服务器们…
00:04:16.177-->00:04:17.340 That's really interesting. 这些说法非常有趣。
00:00:44.891-->00:00:46.724 That's what she brings to PEERTUBE. 这些都是她为PEERTUBE所做出的的工作。
00:02:44.553-->00:02:48.046 which allows you to really ease contribution 这同时让你更轻松的投入工作
00:09:16.480-->00:09:18.432 That's why there are different users: 这就是我们服务不同客户的原因:
00:06:01.059-->00:06:03.206 which isn't a copy of Youtube. 这并不是Youtube的复制体。
00:02:38.679-->00:02:40.733 It means the plugin system 这意味着插件系统
00:01:45.712-->00:01:47.484 a decentralized 这是一个分散化,
00:09:53.082-->00:09:56.187 This was PEERTUBE's only graphic universe, 这曾是PEERTUBE唯一的图形社区,