Key English Chinese (Simplified)
00:01:45.712-->00:01:47.484 a decentralized 这是一个分散化,
00:01:39.479-->00:01:42.789 a free-libre software developer, 一个在自由时间做软件开发的人,
00:05:30.403-->00:05:31.403 After all 最后的最后
00:09:02.601-->00:09:05.551 After all, providing videos 总而言之, 提供视频
00:03:07.870-->00:03:09.303 a hot-air balloon pilot mother. 拥有个开热气球的母亲。
00:07:25.422-->00:07:26.929 allows servers 允许主机
00:06:58.335-->00:07:00.868 all the users' and feature requests 所有用户的功能性需求
00:11:50.224-->00:11:52.089 A lot of voices aren't heard. A lot of voices aren't heard.
00:13:15.870-->00:13:17.446 and all its sides. and all its sides.
00:01:11.477-->00:01:14.470 and also created PEERTUBE's mascot, 同时创造了PEERTUBE的 吉祥物,
00:08:38.803-->00:08:40.940 and being able to 则可以让你
00:05:57.472-->00:05:58.472 and besides… 除了这一点…
00:04:24.347-->00:04:26.526 And besides that, there were much more technical people, 同时他们的身边, 有很多科技职业的人,
00:07:00.976-->00:07:03.928 and bug reports… 报错…
00:04:17.533-->00:04:19.840 And especially people that use daily words, 尤其是他们用一些日常的词句,
00:04:21.026-->00:04:23.712 and express their needs in a very pragmatic way. 去表达实用的需求.
00:01:48.071-->00:01:49.551 and federated 同时又互相联合的
00:03:35.200-->00:03:36.073 and for a living, 在工作的方面,
00:04:46.026-->00:04:47.886 and gather together 并且集合了
00:01:42.923-->00:01:45.349 and his pet project "PEERTUBE"
on his free time,