Key English Thai
00:01:34.410-->00:01:35.410 we didn't know… we had no idea…
00:01:35.516-->00:01:38.682 And one day we heard about Chocobozzz, and one day we heard about Chocobozzz
00:01:39.479-->00:01:42.789 a free-libre software developer, a free-libre software developer,
who had this "PEERTUBE" project
00:01:42.923-->00:01:45.349 and his pet project "PEERTUBE"
on his free time,
on his free time
00:01:45.712-->00:01:47.484 a decentralized that was a decentralized
00:01:53.617-->00:01:55.383 Hello, welcome to my house, Hello, welcome to my house
00:01:57.531-->00:01:58.783 an illustrator artist. an illustrator artist
00:02:05.474-->00:02:06.997 We're going to meet Pouhiou By the way, we're going to meet Pouhiou
00:02:07.022-->00:02:08.992 because we have to work on PEERTUBE. because there's a lot of work
to do on PEERTUBE.
00:02:10.090-->00:02:10.683 Hi Pouhiou, Hi Pouhiou
00:02:10.708-->00:02:11.050 how're you doing? how're doing?
00:02:11.085-->00:02:12.169 Wait, let me remove my… wait I remove my…
00:02:15.483-->00:02:18.390 on the 3… you should draw
a "V" as in victory but with a 3.
on the 3… you know, like a "V" for victory but with 3.
00:02:19.883-->00:02:22.956 Knowing that to make a "V"
you need 3 tentacles.
Knowing that a "V" needs 3 tentacles.
00:02:22.983-->00:02:24.550 Let's say… Let's say...
00:02:24.610-->00:02:26.543 we slightly change We slightly change
00:02:26.776-->00:02:27.516 PEERTUBE's logo: PEERTUBE's logo
00:02:27.541-->00:02:29.694 we write the "Peer" in italics so that the "Peer" is written in italics
00:02:30.000-->00:02:32.683 and we add a small V3 in superscript
next to "PEERTUBE".
and PEERTUBE with a small V3 exponant.
00:02:33.150-->00:02:34.483 And knowing that there are 3 triangles. And knowing that there are 3 triangles