Key English Thai
00:02:34.553-->00:02:38.320 "What does this 3 mean?" How do you explain what this 3 means?
00:02:38.679-->00:02:40.733 It means the plugin system Both the plugin system you know
00:02:40.800-->00:02:44.146 and the fact that it has been better reworked the fact that it has been better rebuilt
00:02:44.553-->00:02:48.046 which allows you to really ease contribution allows you to really facilitate contribution
00:02:48.080-->00:02:50.230 and you don't need to do all
the <i>core</i> code anymore.
you don't need to do all the <i>core</i> code anymore
00:02:50.330-->00:02:52.263 In the hot-air balloon mode in the hot-air balloon mode
00:02:52.277-->00:02:54.896 favoring Steampunk issues and go more on steampunk issues
00:02:56.656-->00:02:59.239 I'm telling you nonsense… I'm saying nonsense…
00:03:03.226-->00:03:05.064 of hot-air balloons,
I really do!
of hot-air balloon,
that's something I love
00:03:07.870-->00:03:09.303 a hot-air balloon pilot mother. a hot-air balloon pilot mother
00:03:11.117-->00:03:12.996 That's great! That's great
00:03:13.383-->00:03:15.516 I like the zen and quiet side too Hot-air balloon has a zen and quiet side too
00:03:16.110-->00:03:17.113 of hot-air balloons. that I appreciate
00:03:17.160-->00:03:18.160 And you were talking about mountains, and
00:03:18.267-->00:03:19.963 but we can you were talking about mountains,
but we can
00:03:22.373-->00:03:24.432 as it creates a dynamic especially because it creates a dynamic
00:03:35.200-->00:03:36.073 and for a living, For a living,
00:03:39.346-->00:03:41.163 so, yeah, actually I'm a designer. so actually I'm a designer.
00:03:44.217-->00:03:46.303 because let's be honest because it must be said,
00:03:47.689-->00:03:49.501 What does meeting people Concretely what does it mean to meet people