Key English Thai
00:10:45.454-->00:10:46.987 something a bit more like puppets a bit more vector puppet
00:01:39.479-->00:01:42.789 a free-libre software developer, a free-libre software developer,
who had this "PEERTUBE" project
00:09:02.601-->00:09:05.551 After all, providing videos After all, to serve videos
00:10:36.826-->00:10:38.730 agreed in a very sympathic way. agreed with a great degree of sympathy
00:03:07.870-->00:03:09.303 a hot-air balloon pilot mother. a hot-air balloon pilot mother
00:08:07.562-->00:08:09.859 if your video is a success allows, if your video is a success,
00:07:25.422-->00:07:26.929 allows servers allows servors
00:02:44.553-->00:02:48.046 which allows you to really ease contribution allows you to really facilitate contribution
00:06:58.335-->00:07:00.868 all the users' and feature requests all the users' and feature requests,
00:00:22.173-->00:00:23.665 Among PEERTUBE workers Among the PEERTUBE workers,
00:03:17.160-->00:03:18.160 And you were talking about mountains, and
00:08:41.017-->00:08:42.978 keep your own data and being able to
00:05:57.472-->00:05:58.472 and besides… and besides...
00:08:15.023-->00:08:16.525 these new people and carry all these new people
00:10:04.292-->00:10:08.454 And there, I tried with a TV, an old tube TV, and from here, I tried with a tv, an old CRT tv
00:02:52.277-->00:02:54.896 favoring Steampunk issues and go more on steampunk issues
00:04:39.560-->00:04:42.306 And once again we didn't really talk about the software. and here again we didn't really talk about the software.
00:05:07.784-->00:05:09.456 and how do you transcribe it into an interface? and how do you retranscript it into an interface?
00:00:43.165-->00:00:44.815 and how they influence people. and how they influence people
00:08:09.921-->00:08:11.375 and if many people and if many people