Key English Thai
00:02:01.909-->00:02:03.450 and illustrated FRAMASOFT's and illustrated FRAMASOFT's
00:02:03.475-->00:02:05.125 Contributopia campaign. Contributopia campaign.
00:02:07.022-->00:02:08.992 because we have to work on PEERTUBE. because there's a lot of work
to do on PEERTUBE.
00:02:12.208-->00:02:12.676 Welcome to your house! Welcome to your house!
00:02:14.836-->00:02:15.450 I think… I think…
00:02:15.483-->00:02:18.390 on the 3… you should draw
a "V" as in victory but with a 3.
on the 3… you know, like a "V" for victory but with 3.
00:02:19.883-->00:02:22.956 Knowing that to make a "V"
you need 3 tentacles.
Knowing that a "V" needs 3 tentacles.
00:02:22.983-->00:02:24.550 Let's say… Let's say...
00:02:24.610-->00:02:26.543 we slightly change We slightly change
00:02:26.776-->00:02:27.516 PEERTUBE's logo: PEERTUBE's logo
00:02:30.000-->00:02:32.683 and we add a small V3 in superscript
next to "PEERTUBE".
and PEERTUBE with a small V3 exponant.
00:02:34.553-->00:02:38.320 "What does this 3 mean?" How do you explain what this 3 means?
00:02:48.080-->00:02:50.230 and you don't need to do all
the <i>core</i> code anymore.
you don't need to do all the <i>core</i> code anymore
00:02:54.983-->00:02:56.456 or 3 ballons… or 3 ballons…
00:03:01.553-->00:03:03.201 But I like the whole universe But I like the whole universe
00:03:03.226-->00:03:05.064 of hot-air balloons,
I really do!
of hot-air balloon,
that's something I love
00:03:05.100-->00:03:07.556 I had the chance to have I had the chance to have
00:03:09.350-->00:03:10.350 Really? Really?
00:03:11.117-->00:03:12.996 That's great! That's great
00:03:17.160-->00:03:18.160 And you were talking about mountains, and