Key English Dutch
00:01:30.416-->00:01:34.090 you know this free-libre software
used to illegally download videos
Deze free-libre software wordt gebruikt om illegale videos te streamen.
00:01:42.923-->00:01:45.349 and his pet project "PEERTUBE"
on his free time,
het PeerTube-project had opgezet als hobby.
00:02:15.483-->00:02:18.390 on the 3… you should draw
a "V" as in victory but with a 3.
op de 3... zeg maar, zoals een "V" voor victorie maar met een 3.
00:02:19.883-->00:02:22.956 Knowing that to make a "V"
you need 3 tentacles.
Wetende dat het een "V" moet doen, heeft het 3 tentakels nodig.
00:02:30.000-->00:02:32.683 and we add a small V3 in superscript
next to "PEERTUBE".
en PeerTube met een kleine V3 in hoofdletters.
00:02:48.080-->00:02:50.230 and you don't need to do all
the <i>core</i> code anymore.
je hoeft niet meer alle <i>core</i> code te doen
00:03:18.267-->00:03:19.963 but we can je had het over bergen,
maar we kunnen
00:08:11.400-->00:08:13.182 connect at the same time
to watch your video,
connect at the same time to see your video,
00:08:57.667-->00:09:00.079 because we need to fix
complicated technical issues
because complicated technical issues
00:09:05.576-->00:09:08.149 requires important bandwdith
as they are large files.
these are large files and you need an important bandwdith.