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00:08:09.921-->00:08:11.375 and if many people and if many people
00:08:05.034-->00:08:07.537 And thanks to peer-to-peer video streaming: And live peer-to-peer video streaming
00:09:26.455-->00:09:27.607 and there are and there are
00:07:14.794-->00:07:16.904 and transcode it in various definitions and transcode it in various resolutions
00:13:09.971-->00:13:11.873 and we don't have an interest and we don't have an interest to suggest
00:10:52.663-->00:10:54.948 articulate it and articulate it and
00:09:23.417-->00:09:26.340 because they have a more in-depth technical knowledge because of they have more in-depth technical knowledge
00:12:57.088-->00:12:59.789 because we want to offer content because we want to offer content so that
00:07:54.644-->00:07:57.330 Chocobozzz's huge intuition Chocobozzz's huge intuition
00:03:17.160-->00:03:18.160 And you were talking about mountains, en
00:07:23.520-->00:07:25.374 Federation Federation
00:13:46.127-->00:13:47.707 Framasoft Framasoft
00:05:23.338-->00:05:24.356 I used to be one, I used to be one,
00:03:18.267-->00:03:19.963 but we can je had het over bergen,
maar we kunnen
00:08:43.096-->00:08:44.802 and own defined costs to scale keep his own data
00:05:32.710-->00:05:34.420 on the Internet, based on this iceberg? on the Internet
00:10:12.064-->00:10:15.330 on the Pepper & Carrot project asked me
"woaa, why is his head in a microwave?"
on the Pepper & Carrot project said to me
"woaa, how comes his head is in a microwave?"
00:12:51.573-->00:12:52.573 reason reason
00:08:28.801-->00:08:30.948 that platforms that is often
00:10:47.596-->00:10:50.225 that's to say all the tentacles are separated, that's to say, the tentacles are separed