Key English Esperanto
00:00:15.273-->00:00:19.340 Behind PEERTUBE, there's
the "De-google-ify Internet" project.
Malantaŭ PEERTUBE, estas la
Projekto "De-google-ify la Interreto"
00:00:43.165-->00:00:44.815 and how they influence people. and how they influence people
00:00:59.380-->00:01:01.117 and then to code. and then to create code
00:01:26.830-->00:01:28.043 wondering what to do. wondering what to do
00:01:57.531-->00:01:58.783 an illustrator artist. an illustrator artist
00:02:33.150-->00:02:34.483 And knowing that there are 3 triangles. And knowing that there are 3 triangles
00:02:48.080-->00:02:50.230 and you don't need to do all
the <i>core</i> code anymore.
you don't need to do all the <i>core</i> code anymore
00:03:07.870-->00:03:09.303 a hot-air balloon pilot mother. a hot-air balloon pilot mother
00:03:16.110-->00:03:17.113 of hot-air balloons. that I appreciate
00:04:33.533-->00:04:35.043 if I move to PEERTUBE?" if I moved to PEERTUBE.
00:04:36.080-->00:04:39.533 It's interesting to see the different uses. It's interesting to see the different uses
00:04:51.290-->00:04:53.758 and meaningful form. and meaningful form
00:05:03.179-->00:05:05.052 and what they need." and what they need.
00:07:06.519-->00:07:09.010 many mechanisms are working. many mechanisms are working
00:07:45.227-->00:07:46.754 and interconnected together, and were interconnected together.
00:08:17.231-->00:08:18.392 I want your video, I want your video". "I want your video, I vant your video",
00:08:48.281-->00:08:50.802 are very important. to an external video catalogue
00:09:16.480-->00:09:18.432 That's why there are different users: That's why we differ several uses.
00:09:34.740-->00:09:35.721 of creators. of creators,
00:09:43.517-->00:09:45.330 I posted this one. I posted