Key English
00:00:56.124-->00:00:59.211 to showcase it during conferences
00:00:59.380-->00:01:01.117 and then to code.
00:01:01.228-->00:01:02.883 That's how we met
00:01:02.908-->00:01:05.789 and one thing leading to another,
he became a Framasoft member.
00:01:05.856-->00:01:09.723 David Revoy illustrated a lot
00:01:10.050-->00:01:11.250 for PEERTUBE
00:01:11.477-->00:01:14.470 and also created PEERTUBE's mascot,
00:01:14.496-->00:01:16.423 Sépia,
00:01:16.496-->00:01:18.576 a small octopus representing PEERTUBE.
00:01:19.823-->00:01:23.030 "How can Youtube be decentralized?"
00:01:24.102-->00:01:24.863 We were searching,
00:01:24.877-->00:01:26.770 drinking after the FOSDEM,
00:01:26.830-->00:01:28.043 wondering what to do.
00:01:28.057-->00:01:29.057 We didn't want to use
00:01:29.130-->00:01:30.370 Popcorn Time
00:01:30.416-->00:01:34.090 you know this free-libre software
used to illegally download videos
00:01:34.410-->00:01:35.410 we didn't know…
00:01:35.516-->00:01:38.682 And one day we heard about Chocobozzz,
00:01:39.479-->00:01:42.789 a free-libre software developer,
00:01:42.923-->00:01:45.349 and his pet project "PEERTUBE"
on his free time,