Key English
00:13:24.054-->00:13:26.435 the leverage effect of peer-to-peer
00:13:26.460-->00:13:28.789 that we already use for video streaming
00:13:29.526-->00:13:31.659 because many people will be watching
00:13:31.717-->00:13:32.802 the same segment,
00:13:32.836-->00:13:34.536 the same part of the video at the same time.
00:13:34.649-->00:13:37.688 And peer-to-peer will be fully realized
00:13:37.821-->00:13:39.764 to help the server stream videos.
00:13:41.889-->00:13:44.108 PEERTUBE is financed and maintained
00:13:44.133-->00:13:45.488 by Framasoft, the not-for-profit organization.
00:13:46.127-->00:13:47.707 Framasoft
00:13:47.732-->00:13:48.903 was created in 2004
00:13:49.972-->00:13:52.736 and is a sort of an intermediary
00:13:52.761-->00:13:56.024 between software world and free-libre culture
00:13:56.107-->00:13:57.878 and people.
00:13:58.006-->00:14:01.135 That's it.
And we try to bring more free-libre in people's lives.
00:14:01.279-->00:14:02.164 Today,
00:14:02.189-->00:14:03.497 Framasoft
00:14:03.541-->00:14:06.435 is a popular education association
00:14:06.460-->00:14:08.383 on digital world issues.
00:14:13.940-->00:14:17.325 PEERTUBE's V3 was published in early January 2021.