Key English
00:11:44.919-->00:11:47.064 contribute to free-libre,
and write a simple feedback
00:11:47.137-->00:11:48.422 I had to overcome a huge obstacle
00:11:48.447-->00:11:50.199 so it's complicated.
00:11:50.224-->00:11:52.089 A lot of voices aren't heard.
00:11:52.162-->00:11:54.228 My work is also to find
00:11:54.300-->00:11:55.533 voices that usually don't stand out
00:11:55.558-->00:11:57.886 and to bring out
00:11:57.911-->00:12:00.490 the uses that have never been noticed.
00:12:04.839-->00:12:07.441 The difference with more centralized platforms
00:12:07.466-->00:12:09.663 is the fact that they are based on an attention economy
00:12:09.688-->00:12:12.096 where they monetize views,
00:12:12.306-->00:12:15.106 especially
00:12:15.140-->00:12:17.239 through advertising,
00:12:17.330-->00:12:19.667 the most standard mean,
00:12:19.692-->00:12:23.359 and through online diffusion interactions
00:12:23.384-->00:12:26.178 called "super chat" on some platforms.
00:12:26.226-->00:12:29.292 This economy
00:12:29.892-->00:12:31.111 specific to platforms
00:12:31.254-->00:12:34.170 is totally disconnected from PEERTUBE
00:12:34.195-->00:12:37.163 because we wanted PEERTUBE to remain a streaming platform