Key English
00:13:41.889-->00:13:44.108 PEERTUBE is financed and maintained
00:13:37.821-->00:13:39.764 to help the server stream videos.
00:13:34.649-->00:13:37.688 And peer-to-peer will be fully realized
00:13:32.836-->00:13:34.536 the same part of the video at the same time.
00:13:31.717-->00:13:32.802 the same segment,
00:13:29.526-->00:13:31.659 because many people will be watching
00:13:26.460-->00:13:28.789 that we already use for video streaming
00:13:24.054-->00:13:26.435 the leverage effect of peer-to-peer
00:13:22.294-->00:13:23.917 enjoy even more
00:13:20.565-->00:13:22.250 we're going to…
00:13:17.947-->00:13:20.403 With the release of "the live" in v3
00:13:15.870-->00:13:17.446 and all its sides.
00:13:13.908-->00:13:15.845 We don't have an attention economy
00:13:11.898-->00:13:13.799 in suggesting them more extreme videos.
00:13:09.971-->00:13:11.873 and we don't have an interest
00:13:08.474-->00:13:09.946 in keeping the user there
00:13:04.718-->00:13:08.350 We don't have a financial interest
00:13:03.690-->00:13:04.693 This isn't PEERTUBE's case.
00:13:01.922-->00:13:03.598 that encourages the user to stay on these platforms.
00:12:57.088-->00:12:59.789 because we want to offer content