Key English
00:04:46.026-->00:04:47.886 and gather together
00:01:42.923-->00:01:45.349 and his pet project "PEERTUBE"
on his free time,
00:06:33.102-->00:06:35.616 and "How can I help you a little bit?"
00:05:07.784-->00:05:09.456 and how do you transcribe it into an interface?
00:00:43.165-->00:00:44.815 and how they influence people.
00:08:09.921-->00:08:11.375 and if many people
00:07:26.954-->00:07:28.236 and <i>in fine</i> users
00:02:01.909-->00:02:03.450 and illustrated FRAMASOFT's
00:07:45.227-->00:07:46.754 and interconnected together,
00:13:49.972-->00:13:52.736 and is a sort of an intermediary
00:10:20.597-->00:10:21.597 and just plugged
00:02:33.150-->00:02:34.483 And knowing that there are 3 triangles.
00:11:22.727-->00:11:24.569 and lasts for a very long time.
00:04:51.290-->00:04:53.758 and meaningful form.
00:04:39.560-->00:04:42.306 And once again we didn't really talk about the software.
00:01:35.516-->00:01:38.682 And one day we heard about Chocobozzz,
00:01:02.908-->00:01:05.789 and one thing leading to another,
he became a Framasoft member.
00:08:43.096-->00:08:44.802 and own defined costs to scale
00:13:34.649-->00:13:37.688 And peer-to-peer will be fully realized
00:13:56.107-->00:13:57.878 and people.