Key English
00:11:34.589-->00:11:37.598 your voice, opinions, views or uses
00:08:13.292-->00:08:14.998 your server don't handle
00:05:14.351-->00:05:17.052 you must have monetization,
00:01:30.416-->00:01:34.090 you know this free-libre software
used to illegally download videos
00:11:37.623-->00:11:38.843 you have to use filters,
00:11:38.868-->00:11:40.218 you have to know how to publish on GitHub,
00:11:40.327-->00:11:43.088 you have to be bold for creating a forum profil…
00:00:35.202-->00:00:37.056 works a lot
00:01:26.830-->00:01:28.043 wondering what to do.
00:13:17.947-->00:13:20.403 With the release of "the live" in v3
00:08:21.025-->00:08:23.686 with the audience.
00:06:25.200-->00:06:27.143 with questions on the software:
00:06:05.611-->00:06:07.070 with other features.
00:09:20.626-->00:09:23.396 will install PEERTUBE on their servers
00:10:28.911-->00:10:31.730 who was made for PEERTUBE.
00:03:49.526-->00:03:51.632 who use these things mean?
00:04:03.040-->00:04:05.780 who use the PEERTUBE instance of the Lyon Academy for example.
00:05:31.483-->00:05:32.685 who shares videos
00:05:55.029-->00:05:56.325 who have less needs…
00:11:14.002-->00:11:16.134 who don't see free things